Our Commitment to Community

Every lawyer in our firm believes in the importance of giving something back to our communities.

Helping the Injured and Disadvantaged. We give a generous portion of our revenue to charitable organizations. We support multiple organizations including ones that are dedicated to treating and preventing injuries and ones that provide physical and mental health services to the injured and the disadvantaged.

Helping Children. We focus much of our philanthropy on causes involving children, schools and education.  Several of our attorneys volunteer their time on a weekly basis to coach children’s sports teams as well as organize other children’s activities. Other firm members serve on local school boards.  Our firm frequently sponsors children’s sports teams and events for children.

Preventing Religious Discrimination. We oppose all forms of religious discrimination, and our founder, Allen L. Rothenberg, has served as the national president of the Commission on Law and Public Affairs, which is comprised of volunteer attorneys who fight against religious discrimination.

Speaking Out. Several of our attorneys also volunteer their time as lecturers, public speakers and/or fundraisers for the many charitable causes that we support.

Counseling. Some of our attorneys have acted as board members and/or legal counselors to charitable organizations that we support, helping those charities advance their worthwhile causes while preventing liabilities.

Teaching. A number of our lawyers have acted as teachers and lecturers in law and trial practice. In this capacity, we have assisted continuing legal education programs and seminars for practicing lawyers, as well as law schools that are grooming the next generation of lawyers.

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