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“Significant” Error Rate in Community Pharmacies

Medication Errors Often Occur at Pharmacies, Prompting Quality Improvement Measures How often to medication errors occur in pharmacies versus in other settings? As a fact sheet from the Patient Safety Network explains, medication mistakes can occur at many different points in a patient’s care, including the following: Prescribing-stage error in which a prescribing physician may… Read More

Are Inadequate Driving Safety Laws Resulting in Accidents?

Rise in Traffic Deaths May be Linked to Poor Driving Safety Laws, Says Recent Study Could inadequate or limited driving safety laws be playing a causal role in the rise in traffic fatalities? According to a recent article from CBS News, a new study indicates that “a lack of driving safety laws could help explain… Read More

New Protections for Nursing Home Residents

Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services Revise Nursing Home Regulations to Improve Health and Safety of Residents  How safe are most nursing homes in the United States today, and how common is nursing home abuse? According to a recent article in The New York Times, this is a difficult question to answer given the vast… Read More

Young Children at Risk of Injury From Laundry Packets

Liquid Laundry Packets Can Pose Risk of Severe Eye Injury to Small Kids, Researchers Say  Many of us purchase household products that could, if used in an inappropriate way by kids, cause serious child injuries. However, some consumer products are more dangerous than others. According to a recent report from, a new study published… Read More

New Jersey Resident Sustains Deadly Fall-Related Injuries at Penn State Fraternity House

Fatal Fall at Pennsylvania State University Fraternity According to a report from NBC News 10, a Pennsylvania State University student recently suffered fatal injuries after falling at a fraternity house. The report indicated that the 19-year-old student from New Jersey suffered the deadly fall at Beta Theta Pi. An additional article on the incident in… Read More

New Study Addresses Long-Term Effects of Head Trauma in Children

Children Who Sustain Traumatic Brain Injuries May be More Likely to Develop Secondary Problems, Says Research Study  If your child sustains a traumatic brain injury (TBI), will it have long-term effects on your child’s health and well-being? According to a recent article in Science Daily, a study conducted by researchers at the Cincinnati Children’s Hospital… Read More

New Jersey State Program to Guard Against in-Home Elder Abuse

“Safe Care Cam” Will Help Protect New Jersey Seniors Given that many seniors in New Jersey who endure elder abuse suffer harms at the hands of an in-home caregiver, it is often difficult for those outside the home to know about the elderly adult’s condition. What can the family members of these seniors do if… Read More

Texting-While-Driving Car Accidents- Can Apple Be held Responsible?

Apple Should Have a “Lock-Out” Mechanism on its Phones, Safety Advocates Say  According to a recent article from CNet, some safety advocates argue that smartphone makers, such as Apple, should in some circumstances, be responsible for a driver’s negligent actions which result in serious car accidents. In particular, companies like Apple, some argue, should be… Read More

Construction Safety Act Could Prevent Injuries and Deaths at New York Construction Sites

Construction Workers in NYC Support Safety Law How safe are construction sites and how often do construction accidents happen in New York City? According to a report in, they could be much safer. As such, lawmakers have proposed the Construction Safety Act, which “would require a number of new measures in New York City… Read More

Pediatric Scientists Research Motor Vehicle Accidents in Philadelphia

Researchers at the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia Invest in Diagnostic Driving Company for Accident Prevention Did you know that motor vehicle accidents are the leading cause of death for teen drivers, and that almost 20% of all teen drivers are involved in a police-reported collision within only one year of receiving a driver’s license? These… Read More