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Texting-While-Driving Car Accidents- Can Apple Be held Responsible?

Apple Should Have a “Lock-Out” Mechanism on its Phones, Safety Advocates Say  According to a recent article from CNet, some safety advocates argue that smartphone makers, such as Apple, should in some circumstances, be responsible for a driver’s negligent actions which result in serious car accidents. In particular, companies like Apple, some argue, should be… Read More

Construction Safety Act Could Prevent Injuries and Deaths at New York Construction Sites

Construction Workers in NYC Support Safety Law How safe are construction sites and how often do construction accidents happen in New York City? According to a report in, they could be much safer. As such, lawmakers have proposed the Construction Safety Act, which “would require a number of new measures in New York City… Read More

Pediatric Scientists Research Motor Vehicle Accidents in Philadelphia

Researchers at the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia Invest in Diagnostic Driving Company for Accident Prevention Did you know that motor vehicle accidents are the leading cause of death for teen drivers, and that almost 20% of all teen drivers are involved in a police-reported collision within only one year of receiving a driver’s license? These… Read More

NJ Transit to Spend $32.5 Million on Train Safety

More than $32 Million Will Ensure NJ Transit Meets Positive Train Control Installation Deadline  How safe is public transportation in New Jersey? According to a recent article from, NJ Transit will be spending an additional $32.5 million on train safety to “ensure that its positive train control installation meets the 2018 deadline.” The NJ… Read More

MRI’s May Show Brain Injuries in Premature Babies

New Study Suggests MRIs Can Guide Development for Premature Babies with Brain Injuries  According to a recent article in HealthDay News, a new study suggests that MRI scans, when they are conducted shortly after the birth of a premature baby, can help to determine whether the infant suffered a brain injury. When infants sustain brain… Read More

Philadelphia Construction Zones Attend to Pedestrian Safety

Construction Zone Walkways in Philadelphia Help Keep Pedestrians Safe For anyone who lives or works in Philadelphia, you know that construction projects in the city can make it difficult for pedestrians to navigate the streets safely and avoid getting hurt in car accidents. As a recent article in The Philadelphia Inquirer emphasizes, construction work takes… Read More

New Mouth Guard Technology Addresses Sports-Related Concussions

Recent Study Uses Mouth Guard Technology to Assess the Effects of Traumatic Brain Injury  What exactly happens to a football player’s brain after that player takes a hit to the head? According to a recent article in The New York Times, until relatively recently, physicians and researchers could not pinpoint the ways in which the… Read More

Risk of Laceration and Fall-Related Injuries Leads Aria Child to Issue Stroller Recall

Children’s Strollers Recalled Due to Injury Risk Many child injuries are preventable, especially when they result from hazards posed by defective products. According to a recent report from CBS News 10, a children’s product manufacturer has issued a recall of a particular stroller due to the risk of injury. In most instances, children were injured… Read More

Learning More About Philadelphia Child Car Seat Law

How Has Pennsylvania’s Recent Child Safety Seat Law Impacted Injury Rates Thus Far?  Back in August, a new child car seat safety law took effect in Philadelphia and across the state of Pennsylvania that aimed to prevent child injuries in car accidents. What is the Pennsylvania car seat law, and how does it work? As… Read More