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Poll Says Parents Underestimate the Risk of Drowning

Drowning Can Result in Serious and Fatal Child Injuries  How likely is the possibility of a drowning accident in the summer? According to a recent article from U.S. News & World Report, many parents actually underestimate the risk of drowning, and as a result do not take proper precautions to prevent serious and fatal child… Read More

What We Must Learn from the Impaired Driving Crash in Times Square

Impaired Driver Causes Deadly Accident in New York City’s Times Square   When most of us are walking in Midtown Manhattan, we are not expecting to be struck by a car operated by a drunk or otherwise impaired driver. While many New Yorkers understand the serious risks of pedestrian accidents when crossing the street at… Read More

Is Human Error to Blame for Self-Driving Car Accidents?

Traffic Collisions Involving Autonomous Vehicles Could Have More to Do with Human Behavior than Automobile Programming   When we think about the reasons that car accidents happen, many of us think about the risks associated with human error, from intentional behaviors associated with aggressive driving to omissions behind the wheel linked to distracted driving. According… Read More

May was Motorcycle Safety Awareness Month

Learn More About the “Share the Road” Campaign in New Jersey   Last month, New Jersey residents focused on ways to prevent motorcycle accidents by learning more about the “Share the Road” campaign. According to a report from AAA Mid-Atlantic, more motorcyclists get their bikes out and ride in the spring and summer, and as… Read More

Recent Study Addresses Children’s Difficulty to Cross Streets Safely

Younger Kids Have Greater Difficulty Crossing Streets Safely Due to Perceptual Judgment and Motor Skills, Study Says  How much do you know about pedestrian accidents and child injuries? Have you noticed that younger children tend to have more difficulty crossing a busy street safely without the help of an older teenager or an adult? As… Read More

Allegations Against Abbott Labs Say Implantable Heart Devices are Defective

Defective Medical Device Claims and Abbott Labs When you receive a surgically-implanted medical device, you hope that the device will function as it is supposed to and that it will not cause unnecessary harm. However, medical device defects can sometimes result in serious and fatal patient injuries. In fact, according to a recent article in… Read More

Common Amusement Park Injuries

As the summer months approach, millions of Americans will visit some of the 400 amusement parks from California to Florida for vacations, family reunions, and excitement. While visiting a theme park should be a fun, care-free event, thousands of people every year suffer serious, life-changing injuries because park operators and owners fail to take reasonable… Read More

MLB Teams Extend Protective Netting After Series of Spectator Injuries at Parks

Anyone involved in organized sports already knows the importance of remaining alert and keeping an eye on the ball during a game, both to make a play and to avoid a potentially serious injury. What about spectators at the ballpark? Many people who frequent sporting events are familiar with the protective netting and barriers meant… Read More

Children’s Sleepwear Recalled Due to Flammability Risk

Product Recall for Children’s Sleepwear Highlights Risk of Burn Injury  When we purchase clothing for our children, especially sleepwear, most of us do not think about the possible link between the product and the risk of child injuries. However, according to a recent report from ABC News, the clothing brand LIVLY has just recalled more… Read More

Preventing Lawnmower Accidents in the Spring and Summer Months

Safety Precautions During Lawn Care Season The weather is getting warmer, and we are coming into what many homeowners know as lawn care season. While spending the weekends gardening and performing lawn care can be rewarding to a property owner, there are many lawn care tools that can cause serious personal injuries to users, as… Read More