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Is There a Link Between Smartphone Distractions and the Many Pedestrian Fatalities in Philadelphia?

Report Cites Link Between Smartphones and Pedestrian Deaths Just how dangerous is it to use your smartphone while you are walking in Philadelphia? Are you at higher risk of a serious or fatal pedestrian accident? Most of us have heard about the dangers of distracted driving—in particular, the use of smartphones for talking or texting… Read More

AAA Study Cites Dangerous Millennial Driving Habits

New Study from AAA Foundation Says Young Millennials are Among the Worst Drivers  While we often expect the most dangerous driving behaviors (and thus the highest risk of a car crash) to come from young teenagers who are inexperienced behind the wheel and have just acquired their driver’s licenses, a new study from the AAA… Read More

New Study Addresses Nursery Products and Infant Injuries

Rising Rates of Young Children Injured By Carriers, Strollers, and Cribs How safe is that baby carrier you just purchased for your infant? How about your child’s stroller? When you put your infant to bed at night in her crib, is she safe from a serious injury caused by a product defect? These are fear-inducing… Read More

Deadly Escalator Accident at World Trade Center Transportation Hub- Did This Fatal Accident Have to Happen?

Are Escalator Injuries Common?  How dangerous are escalators and how often do escalator accidents happen? While many of us ride escalators on a daily basis, we probably do not consider the risks of a serious fall-related accident. According to a recent article in New York Daily News, a woman sustained fatal injuries after falling inside… Read More

Philadelphia City Council Considers Pedestrian Safety Around Construction Sites

Major Philadelphia Construction Projects Prompt Renewed Attention to Pedestrian Safety  There are many new construction projects underway in Philadelphia, and quite a few of them impact frequent pedestrian walkways. What are members of the Philadelphia City Council doing to help prevent pedestrian accidents and to ensure that pedestrian safety is a top concern around these… Read More

State Legislators Hear Commuters’ Safety Fears Concerning NJ Transit

New Jersey Commuters Voice Concerns at Safety Meeting Many residents of New Jersey recall the recent fatal NJ Transit train accident that occurred in Hoboken last September. That crash resulted in one fatality and nonfatal injuries to more than 100 people. While accidents can happen almost anywhere, residents and safety advocates believe the Hoboken train… Read More

Can Data Reduce the Rate of Traffic Fatalities in NYC?

New Research Suggests Sharing Data Across Agencies Can Provide Insight into Traffic Safety  Although the total rate of traffic fatalities has been declining in New York City over the last three years, many preventable deadly collisions continue to occur. According to a recent article in, one potential way to reduce the rate of fatal… Read More

“Significant” Error Rate in Community Pharmacies

Medication Errors Often Occur at Pharmacies, Prompting Quality Improvement Measures How often to medication errors occur in pharmacies versus in other settings? As a fact sheet from the Patient Safety Network explains, medication mistakes can occur at many different points in a patient’s care, including the following: Prescribing-stage error in which a prescribing physician may… Read More

Are Inadequate Driving Safety Laws Resulting in Accidents?

Rise in Traffic Deaths May be Linked to Poor Driving Safety Laws, Says Recent Study Could inadequate or limited driving safety laws be playing a causal role in the rise in traffic fatalities? According to a recent article from CBS News, a new study indicates that “a lack of driving safety laws could help explain… Read More

New Protections for Nursing Home Residents

Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services Revise Nursing Home Regulations to Improve Health and Safety of Residents  How safe are most nursing homes in the United States today, and how common is nursing home abuse? According to a recent article in The New York Times, this is a difficult question to answer given the vast… Read More