What is a Claim Adjuster

what  is  a claim adjusterAfter an accident, you may be approached by an insurance adjuster who represents the insurance company of the person who caused the accident.  No matter how that person may come across to you, friendly or aggressive, the adjuster’s job is to save the insurance company money.  They will try to accomplish this goal by reducing your claim and trying to convince you to accept a lower settlement. The adjuster may claim that you were at fault, or that you do not need a lawyer.  A claim adjuster does not work for you and is not looking out for your best interest.

When talking to an insurance adjuster, be courteous and take note of what questions the adjuster asks.  However, do not enter into a dialogue with the adjuster or provide any statements that could be used against you in your claim.  Tell you lawyer what was said between yourself and the adjuster and let the legal professional evaluate your claim and help you deal with the insurance company.claim adjuster at accident

Don’t Forget: Do not give away information to a claims adjuster.  Contact an attorney and obtain his/her advice as soon as possible.

Legal Help with a Vehicular Accident

If you think you or a loved one might have been harmed as a result of a vehicular accident, it is important to reach out to a legal professional to learn about your options. The Rothenberg Law Firm LLP can provide the experienced legal help you need.  The firm can be reached at 1-800-624-8888 or you can fill out a free online case evaluation form. The initial consultation is always FREE. If we agree to pursue your case, there is no legal fee unless we are successful in getting you money.

Timing is important, because statutes of limitation affect how long you have to file a claim.


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“I am the owner of an insurance agency. I was seriously injured in an automobile accident. As you can imagine being in the insurance industry, I know many law firms. For my personal case, I wanted the very best law firm. I knew of the sterling reputation of the Rothenberg Law Firm for their competence, integrity and ability to get me all the compensation that I sought and needed. My high expectations were more than fulfilled. During the course of the litigation there where a number of settlement offers which the firm promptly and dutifully communicated to me and urged me not to accept. They were right. In the end they got me an enormous amount of money for my injuries and loss of earnings; far more than I could have ever imagined. This is a super law firm and I unequivocally recommend them to everyone that has been injured.”

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