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woman applying product to teething baby's gums
FDA Acts Against Benzocaine Teething Products

If you have an infant or toddler, you probably think about the risks of child injury quite frequently. While we do… Read More

woman holding a table device and showing it to her child in the back seat of a car
New App Promotes Car Seat Safety

App Will Help Parents Use Kids’ Car Seats Properly to Avoid Injuries After a Car Accident Do you have a… Read More

shutterstock 618460847 e1541098674425
Are Children With ADHD at Higher Risk of Child Injury?

New Study Links ADHD Diagnosis to Increased Risk of Child Injury If your child has been diagnosed with attention deficit… Read More

Blurred view of pedestrians crossing intersection with sun low in the sky in the background.
New Study Addresses Pedestrian Deaths in Motor Vehicle Accidents

Road Type Plays a Role in Pedestrian Vehicle Accident Rates and Severity, Study Says According to a recent article in the… Read More

construction worker with safety clip
Improving Construction Site Safety and Preventing Injuries After Deadly Accident

Philadelphia Construction Companies Cited by Department of Labor for Safety Violations After Fatal Fall According to a recent article in the… Read More

AAA study addresses Distracted Driving and Car Infotainment Systems in Causing auto accident injuries and fatalities.
AAA Study Addresses Distracted Driving and Car Infotainment Systems in Causing Auto Accident Injuries and Fatalities

Some Smartphone Systems are Less Distracting Than Built-in Vehicle Navigation Do you currently use Apple CarPlay or Google’s Android Auto,… Read More

Teddy bear under the wheel of a car
Child Injury Death Rates are Rising

New Study Shows More Kids in the U.S. are Suffering Fatal Personal Injuries in Accidents Almost all child injuries are… Read More

SUV driving down a windy road
More SUVs Means More Pedestrian Vehicle Accident Deaths?

New Study Suggests Rising Popularity of SUVs Contributes to Pedestrian Motor Vehicle Accident Fatality Rate Are SUVs to blame for… Read More

view of a steering wheel with driver's hand on it holding a beer
Study Says Most Auto Accidents and Injuries Happen on Saturday

Weekends are the Least Safe Times to Drive Are some days more dangerous to be on the road than others?… Read More

variety of pills displayed in round containers
Drugged Driving Collisions Cause More Deaths Than Drunk Driving Crashes

Philadelphia Motorists Suffer Fatal Injuries in Drugged Driving Car Accidents Did you know that drugged driving is becoming a serious… Read More

Smiling kids looking out the window on a school bus
New Jersey Lawmaker Proposes School Bus Seat Belt Law

Can Three-Point Seat Belts Prevent Child Injuries in School Bus Accidents? As many New Jersey residents know, a recent school… Read More

Kids playing soccer
Youth Sports Personal Injury Accident Risks are Avoidable

Parents, Coaches, and Kids Can All Play a Role in Reducing the Risks of Youth Sports Injuries Does your child… Read More

front section of a school bus with heat exchanger exposed
New Jersey School Bus Crash Raises Safety Questions

School Bus Collision Prompts Safety Experts to Reconsider Seat Belts and Personal Injury Accident Prevention When parents send their kids… Read More

Driver's hand holding phone showing navigation software near the dashboard
Uber Safety Review Cites Flawed Technology in Pedestrian Vehicle Accident

Software to Blame for Uber Vehicle Accident That Killed Pedestrian, According to Company Uber Technologies Inc. recently conducted a safety… Read More

Caution Wet Floor sign on porch setting with bright sunny background
Slip and Fall Injuries in Warm Weather

Trip and Fall Injuries Can Happen Even After the Ice Melts We often think of slip and fall accidents as being connected… Read More

woman relaxing while looking at phone behind the wheel as car drives itself
Study Says American Drivers Fear Autonomous Technology More Than Ever

Self-Driving Cars Could Prevent Auto Accident Injuries and Collisions, but Study Says Most Americans do Not Agree Amidst news of… Read More

child looking out through rear window in car
Hot Car Deaths Can Happen in One Hour

New Study Shows That Vehicles Can Reach Deadly Temperatures in 60 Minutes Now that summer is approaching and the weather… Read More

Woman reading to a child on an airplane
Airplanes Can Pose Child Injury Risks

Child Safety Advocates Ask Whether Child Seat Belts Should Be Mandatory on Airplanes When you are flying in or out… Read More

Silhouette of nursing home patient walking down a hallway
Philadelphia Nursing Homes Are Failing to Report Abuse and Negligence

Nursing Homes in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania are Underreporting Cases of Nursing Home Abuse and Negligence How reliable are Philadelphia nursing homes… Read More

brain icon made of brittle material with pieces broken off
Traumatic Brain Injuries May Lead to Dementia

New Study Links Brain Trauma and Alzheimer’s Disease We often think about short-term effects of traumatic brain injuries (TBIs), as well… Read More

pedestrians crossing on 3rd avenue in nyc
More Pedestrian Deaths from Vehicle Accidents, but Potentially More Solutions

Recent Study Says Pedestrian-Motor Vehicle Accident Deaths are Increasing, but Solutions May be Available According to a recent news release from the… Read More

View of the headlights and side mirror on an older vehicle
Older Cars and Personal Injuries in Auto Accidents

Driving an Older Car Could Increase Your Risk of Serious or Fatal Injuries After a Car Accident Does the age… Read More

child's hands shown reaching up on a table for pills
Accidental Poisonings in Children Are an Increasingly Common Personal Injury Accident

Child Injuries Caused by Accidental Poisonings are on the Rise When we think about child injury risks, many of us consider… Read More

Wearable Technology Plays a Role in Auto Accidents and Resulting Injuries

Recent Study Cites Wearable Technology as a Factor in Distracted Driving Crashes Do you currently wear an Apple Watch or… Read More

Man shown injured through rear-view window
Hit-and-Run Pedestrian Vehicle Accidents are on the Rise

New AAA Study Says More Bicyclists and Pedestrians are Vulnerable to Hit-and-Run Collisions If you regularly ride your bike or… Read More

Three hard hats displayed in a row
Hard Hats Recalled Due to Safety Defect That Poses Vulnerability for an Injury at Work

More Than 80,000 Hard Hats Recalled for Possible Insufficient Protection from Impact and Construction Injuries When you go to work… Read More

side view of two parked trucks
Philadelphia Makes Truck Safety Enhancements to Prevent Auto Accident Injuries

Trash Compactor Trucks in Philadelphia Will be Equipped With New Safety Features Most people assume that large truck accidents happen primarily… Read More

Bikers riding across a bridge in the bike lane
Safety Advocates Voice Concerns About Bicycle Accidents in the Bronx

Is the Vision Zero Initiative Paying Enough Attention to the Bronx in Preventing Personal Injury Accidents While Biking? If you… Read More

blurred visual of medics wearing scrubs
New Documentary Addresses Deadly Medical Errors

Documentary Film on Medical Malpractice and Negligence Seeks to Reduce Patient Death Rates Can public awareness about the serious harms… Read More

Driver catching up on rest in the backseat of a vehicle
Ridesharing Industry and Drowsy Driving

Researchers Say Auto Accident Injuries From Drowsy Driving Are a Serious Concern in the Ridesharing Industry If you live in… Read More

Car dashboard with airbag activated
Can New Auto Recall Search Tool Prevent Safety Defect Injuries?

Automakers Launch Recall Search Tool to Increase Consumer Knowledge About Dangerous Auto Defects Has your car or one of its… Read More

Doctor advising young woman
Less Than Half of All Youth Concussions Result from Contact Sports

New Study Suggests Only 40% of Child and Teen Concussions Happen While Playing Contact Sports Contact sports such as football… Read More

Happy man putting young child in a car seat
Can U.S. Car Travelers Do More to Prevent Child Injuries in an Auto Accident?

Are we doing enough to prevent our kids from sustaining serious injuries in car accidents? According to a recent article in The… Read More

Man yawning as seen through perspective of a car's side-view mirror
New Study Addresses Sleep Deprivation and Auto Accident Injuries

Drivers Who are Constantly Sleep Deprived May be at Particularly High Risk of an Injury Due to a Car Accident… Read More

cyclist riding while lifting front wheel of a bike
Opposition to Vision Zero Bike Lanes in Philadelphia Stems From Concerns for Pedestrian Safety

Philadelphia Has Plans for Protected Bike Lanes to Reduce Accidents and Injuries, but Not All City Residents Agree Many residents… Read More

two speeding cars passing one another
Study Says Lane-Departure Warnings Can Prevent Auto Accident Injuries

Recent IIHS Study Indicates Lane-Departure Warnings May Prevent More than 80,000 Collisions Do you have a lane-departure warning system in… Read More

Pedestrian "stop" signal with text
New Rule Allows Cyclists to Use Pedestrian Signals for Safety

When we discuss bicyclists on New York City streets, we often emphasize the motto of “share the road,” suggesting that automobiles… Read More

Hard hat featured in common causes of construction accidents
Common Causes of Construction Accident Injuries

Four Categories of the Most Common Construction Safety Accidents That Cause Injuries Construction site accidents can happen in many different… Read More

You Suffered an Injury at Work: What to do Next

Determining if Your Injury can be Compensated Through Workers’ Compensation and/or a Personal Injury Lawsuit If you experience an injury… Read More

What are You Entitled to Under OSHA After a Construction Injury?

OSHA Gives Rights and Protections to Employees in the Case of Construction Injuries What rights do workers have to a… Read More

Can an Auto Repair Shop be the Cause of Your Auto Accident Injury?

When you or someone you love experiences a serious injury after a car accident, can you sue your mechanic? Determining… Read More

Could Traffic Enforcement in Philadelphia Prevent Pedestrian Accidents?

Philadelphia Seeks to Improve Pedestrian Safety in Center City with More Traffic Enforcement Officers In recent years, Center City Philadelphia… Read More

Study Says Drowsy Driving Causes More Auto Accident Injuries Than Previously Known

Drowsy Driving Tied to Thousands More Motor Vehicle Crashes and Auto Accident Injuries Through Recent Study Have you ever gotten… Read More

What You Need to Know About Winter Pedestrian Safety

Freezing Temperatures can be Hazardous for Pedestrians We often talk about pedestrian-vehicle accident risks in relation to negligent motorists. In… Read More

Lowering Speed Limits in New York Helps to Prevent Pedestrian Deaths

Nn early December, an article in Road & Track suggested that lowering speed limits in urban areas like New York… Read More

Rising Construction Accident Deaths in New York

NYC Construction Accidents Continue to Cause Serious and Fatal Injuries to Workers Throughout much of 2017, construction safety advocates pushed… Read More

SEPTA Platform Barriers Aim to Prevent Accidents and Injuries

Glass Doors and Platform Barriers Will Make SEPTA Transit Safer for Philadelphia Commuters If you rely on SEPTA for commuting… Read More

Poll Says Parents Underestimate the Risk of Drowning

Drowning Can Result in Serious and Fatal Child Injuries  How likely is the possibility of a drowning accident in the… Read More

lawn safety
Preventing Lawnmower Accidents in the Spring and Summer Months

Safety Precautions During Lawn Care Season The weather is getting warmer, and we are coming into what many homeowners know… Read More

Hurricane Joaquin Ship sank
Vessel Safety and the Sinking of El Faro

Cargo Ship Sinks Off Bahamas with Dozens of Crewmembers Aboard Earlier this month, news agencies reported that Hurricane Joaquin was… Read More

Winter Fatal Car Crash
Winter Weather Results in Fatal Crashes

Icy Rain and Dangerous Road Conditions Driving in winter can be extremely hazardous. Given that the northeast recently experienced significant… Read More

Pedestrian Safety
Pedestrian Accidents in Philadelphia

Two Boys Injured, Another Killed After Being Struck by Automobiles Last week, a four-year-old boy in the Holmesburg section of… Read More

NJ Crosswalk Sign
New Jersey Crosswalk Sting to Curb Pedestrian Accidents

New Jersey has seen a number of car accidents involving pedestrians in the past few months.  In response, Fort Lee,… Read More