Dangerous drugs

An elderly couple sits at a table. One takes medication while the other reads documentation.
Medication Mistakes and Personal Injuries: Women and Elderly Patients

A New Study Suggests Some Medication Errors Affect Women and the Elderly at Higher Rates Are some types of medication… Read More

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Medical Product Recalls are on the Rise

New Report Addresses Increase in Medical Product and Drug Recalls Over the last several years, consumers have learned about dangerous… Read More

Hands hold a package of birth control pills, pressing their thumb into a blister on the first row of the package.
Nationwide Recall of Oral Contraceptive Because of a Packaging Error

Defective Birth Control Pill Recalled When consumers pick up prescription medications from their local pharmacies, they should be able to… Read More

pile of peach-colored pills
Valsartan Medication Recall Expands

Heart Failure Medication Recall Expanded by FDA Have you read about the recent series of medication recalls for the heart failure… Read More

infant receiving liquid ibuprofen orally
Tris Pharma Issues Infant Ibuprofen Recall

Parents Should be Aware of Dangerous Drug Recall of Ibuprofen Affecting Children Do you have infant ibuprofen in your medicine… Read More

woman applying product to teething baby's gums
FDA Acts Against Benzocaine Teething Products

If you have an infant or toddler, you probably think about the risks of child injury quite frequently. While we do… Read More

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Opioid Addictions and Post-Surgical Negligence

Can Prescribing Opioids After Surgery Rise to the Level of Medical Negligence? Many people know that there is an opioid… Read More

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Urgent Recall of Schizophrenia Drug

Manufacturer Issues Urgent Recall of Schizophrenia Drug According to a recent report in Medscape Medical News, Teva Pharmaceuticals initiated a… Read More

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Does Round Up Weed Killer Cause Cancer?

Glyphosate, Found in Weed Killer, May be a Carcinogen Linked to Cancer Diagnoses Does Monsanto’s weed killer Roundup cause cancer?… Read More

Child Injury Prescription Drugs
Medication Mistakes and Drug Misuse in Children

Too Many Parents Keep Children’s Prescription Drugs, Risking Child Injury If your child is prescribed a pain medication such as… Read More

oxycoton and kids
FDA Says OxyContin Safe for Kids with Severe Pain

The FDA recently approved the dangerous drug OxyContin for use in children between the ages of 11 and 16 who… Read More

Warfarin Dangerous Drug
Warfarin Puts Older Adults at Risk of Internal Bleeding and Blood Clots

Popular Anticoagulant Linked to Fatal Injuries Many older adults take the prescription medication Coumadin (a brand name for the generic… Read More

Zoloft and Birth Defects
Lawsuits Allege Link Between Zoloft and Birth Defects

Lawsuits Allege Link Between Zoloft and Birth Defects Last year, a Pfizer report included information from a scientist that suggested… Read More

Cipro Dangerous Drug
Hazardous Common Drug Used to Treat Bacterial Infections

Personal Injuries and Dangerous Prescription Drugs When we visit a doctor’s office to receive treatment for a bacterial infection, we… Read More

Actos Drug Settlement
Actos Drug Settlement Pros and Cons

Takeda Offers Settlement for Dangerous Drug Lawsuits Thousands of lawsuits have been filed across the country alleging that Takeda Pharmaceuticals,… Read More

Zofran Lawsuit
Anti-Nausea Medications and the Risk of Birth Defects

Study Suggests Zofran Not Safe for Use During Pregnancy Many pregnant women are prescribed Zofran as an anti-nausea drug. Yet… Read More

Prescription Drugs Cause Injury
Prescription Drugs Cause Injury and Deaths

Pharmaceuticals Are the Number One Cause of Poison Related Fatalities Based on data collected by the National Poison Control Center,… Read More

Adderall Drug Abuse
Adderall is a Commonly Abused Drug

Dangerous Drugs Abused By College Students Many students who take Adderall or Ritalin, drugs commonly prescribed to treat attention deficit… Read More

defective drug lawyers
Dangerous Drug Contamination Leads to New Xarelto Recall

Microbial Contamination Discovered in Anticoagulant Drug When we buy medications and prescription drugs, we expect that they will be free… Read More

Birth Defects and Medication
Antidepressants and Birth Defects

Do Antidepressants Actually Pose Significant Hazards for Pregnant Women? Several new studies have suggested that expecting mothers should be wary… Read More

Dangerous Drug Recall
Drug Recalls May Hit ‘Record Numbers’ in 2014

Drug Recalls at Record High According to a recent article from Becker’s Hospital Review, 2014 may prove the worst year… Read More

FDA and Dangerous Drugs
Does the FDA’s Willingness to Green Light Medications Sidestep Safety Issues?

FDA Approvals and Dangerous Drugs Is the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approving too many dangerous drugs? According to… Read More

opiods and birth defects
Study Shows Link Between Birth Defects and Painkiller Use During Pregnancy

Opioid Use and Birth Defects According to a recent article in BU Today, a high number of doctors prescribe opioid… Read More

quit smoking 300x300
Quitting Smoking? How Chantix May or May Not Be Able to Help

Individuals looking to quit smoking may turn to popular smoking-cessation drugs like Chantix (varenicline). Almost everyone has seen the commercials… Read More

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