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Medical Malpractice

tired physician shown blurred in the background at desk covering face
New Study Links Medical Errors and Misconduct to Physician Burnout

Is Doctor Burnout Responsible for More Medical Negligence and Mistakes? A visit to your physician should not be cause for… Read More

medical diagnostics and measuring devices shown in front of blurred medical background
Are Medical Devices Being Tested Properly for Safety?

Congressional Briefing Suggests Medical Devices Need Stronger Regulations Through Legislation to Prevent Injuries How dangerous are medical devices? How often… Read More

blurred visual of medics wearing scrubs
New Documentary Addresses Deadly Medical Errors

Documentary Film on Medical Malpractice and Negligence Seeks to Reduce Patient Death Rates Can public awareness about the serious harms… Read More

Medical professional in a white coat with a tie and stethoscope
New Report Addresses Diagnostic Errors Caused by Medical Misconduct and Suggests Prevention Methods

Diagnostic Errors are a Leading Cause of Medical Negligence Cases, but Diagnostic Accuracy can be Improved There are many different… Read More

Medical Misconduct Remains Third Leading Cause of Death

Rate of Medical Malpractice and Negligence Has Not Declined, Says Recent Johns Hopkins Study Back in 2013, an article in… Read More

Is your Hospital or Doctor Liable for your Child’s Cerebral Palsy Injury?

Cerebral palsy is an overarching term covering a group of disorders affecting a person’s ability to move and control their… Read More

Lowering Speed Limits in New York Helps to Prevent Pedestrian Deaths

Nn early December, an article in Road & Track suggested that lowering speed limits in urban areas like New York… Read More

Was Your Child’s Premature Birth Due to Medical Malpractice?

The birth of a child should be a cause for celebration. In the case of a premature birth, however, complications… Read More

Was Your Child’s Premature Birth Due to Medical Malpractice?

In the case of a premature birth, however, complications and even medical mistakes can result in childbirth injuries and some… Read More

How to Prevent Medication Errors
How to Prevent Medication Errors

Patients can Help to Prevent Medication Mix-Ups and Mistakes  When many of us visit a doctor’s office, we expect that… Read More

Opioid Addictions and Post-Surgical Negligence

Can Prescribing Opioids After Surgery Rise to the Level of Medical Negligence? Many people know that there is an opioid… Read More

More Than One Out of Five Patients Experiences a Medical Error

Study Says More than 20% of Patients Experience Medical Mistakes How often do medical errors occur? Many New Yorkers might… Read More

Preventing Fatal and Brain-Related Childbirth Injuries

Monitoring Fetal Heart Rates Could be Key to Childbirth Injury Prevention  According to a recent article from BBC News, the… Read More

Abbot Labs Defective Heart Device
Allegations Against Abbott Labs Say Implantable Heart Devices are Defective

Defective Medical Device Claims and Abbott Labs When you receive a surgically-implanted medical device, you hope that the device will… Read More

Pharmacy Medical Errors
“Significant” Error Rate in Community Pharmacies

Medication Errors Often Occur at Pharmacies, Prompting Quality Improvement Measures How often to medication errors occur in pharmacies versus in… Read More

Physicians Hiding Medical Errors
More Physicians Find Hiding Medical Errors to be Acceptable

Recent Study Finds that About 21% of Physicians Would Hide Medical Mistakes Under Certain Circumstances  Did you ever wonder about… Read More

New York Patient Safety Concerns
New York State Ranks Poorly in Patient Safety

Based on New Figures, NY State Ranks Near Bottom of List in Patient Safety Rankings  How does New York state… Read More

Medical Malpractice and Serious Infections
Medical Malpractice Can Lead to Sepsis and Other Serious Infections

When we go to the hospital, we expect the very best care and treatment from doctors, nurses, and other medical… Read More

Need for Patient Involvement
Rate of Medical Misdiagnosis Emphasizes Need for Patient Involvement

Patients Need to “Stay Engaged” to Prevent Injuries from Medical Errors  How often do medical misdiagnoses occur, and what can… Read More

Birth Injury Medical Malpractice
Common Examples of Medical Malpractice that Can Lead to Birth Injuries

Thankfully for everyone involved, modern medicine has made the process of pregnancy, labor and delivery much safer for both mother… Read More

Medical Errors
Serious and Preventable Medical Mistakes Remain all too Common

The Continuing Problem of Medical Errors According to a recent report in, most people working in healthcare fields understand… Read More

Child Injury Prescription Drugs
Medication Mistakes and Drug Misuse in Children

Too Many Parents Keep Children’s Prescription Drugs, Risking Child Injury If your child is prescribed a pain medication such as… Read More

Hospital Infections and Patient Safety 1
Hospital-Acquired Infections and Patient Safety

Rates of Hospital-Acquired Conditions Decline, But Not Enough When you are admitted to a hospital, do you need to worry… Read More

Drug Errors during surgery
New Study Shows Drug Errors Common During Surgeries

How Common are Medication Errors in Surgery? Medication errors occur during surgery much more often than most of us would… Read More

Medical Malpractice and TBI
Misdiagnosis and Traumatic Brain Injuries

How often do diagnostic errors occur, and should individuals with traumatic brain injuries (TBIs) be particularly concerned about the risks… Read More

Operatin Room Camera
Surgical Negligence Leads Advocates to Push for Cameras in Operating Rooms

When you go into the hospital for surgery, can you be sure that your doctor will not make a surgical… Read More

Medical Malpractice Error
Medical Errors Can Happen in Any Healthcare Setting

Preventing Medical Errors Did you know that medical errors can happen almost anywhere within the healthcare system? According to a… Read More

Medical Errors
Medical Errors: What Doesn’t Happen Afterwards?

Healthcare Professionals Fail to Admit Wrongdoing According to a recent study conducted by researchers at the Johns Hopkins University School… Read More

medical malpractice damages
Notable Declines in Medical Negligence Litigation

Fewer Medical Malpractice Lawsuits Means Victims Go Uncompensated Medical malpractice laws exist so that victims of negligence can seek financial… Read More

Medical Mistakes
Experts Emphasize Gravity of Medical Mistakes to Senate Panel

Preventable Medical Errors Identified as Third Leading Cause of Death When you seek medical care in a hospital, are you… Read More

Hospitals and Patient Injury
Hospitals to be Sanctioned for Serious Medical Errors

Medicare Will Penalize Hospitals with Highest Rates of Patient Injury When we go to the hospital to seek treatment for… Read More

Affordable Care Act
How Will Healthcare Reform Impact Medical Malpractice?

Medical Negligence Claims and the Affordable Care Act The Affordable Care Act will lead to millions more becoming insured. But… Read More

Defective Metal Hip Implant
New Study Confirms Metal-On-Metal Hip Implant Problems

Defective Hip Replacement Study Over the past fifteen years, patients have reported injuries from metal-on-metal (“MOM”) hip implants. Now, a… Read More

Tele Medicine Malpractice
Telemedicine and Medical Malpractice Implications

The Telemedicine Revolution As more Americans acquire health insurance under the Affordable Care Act, consumer advocates expect to see a… Read More

Da Vinci Robotic Surgery
Are Malfunctions in the da Vinci Robotic Surgery Reported Properly?

Medical technology is a dynamic field. The developments that are emerging are simply staggering, and continue to change the face… Read More

Prevent Hospital Infections
How to Prevent Hospital Acquired Infections

Patients in hospitals should be able to trust that their illnesses and injuries are being treated in a safe, sterile… Read More

hospital malpractice
Are Hospitals Safer Today? Why Patient Safety Levels Remain Static

We have entered a new era in medical technologies. From electronic patient charts to robotic surgeries, hospitals have become more… Read More

How Misdiagnosis Costs Lives

Laverne Wilkinson, a Brooklyn resident, was surprised to find out that she had cancer. Even more shocking than the news… Read More

Medical Malpractice “Never Events” Occur Too Frequently

According to a recent study by Johns Hopkins Medicine, medical malpractice ‘never events’ occur at least 4,000 times per year… Read More