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Personal Injury

Teddy bear under the wheel of a car
Child Injury Death Rates are Rising

New Study Shows More Kids in the U.S. are Suffering Fatal Personal Injuries in Accidents Almost all child injuries are… Read More

Smiling kids looking out the window on a school bus
New Jersey Lawmaker Proposes School Bus Seat Belt Law

Can Three-Point Seat Belts Prevent Child Injuries in School Bus Accidents? As many New Jersey residents know, a recent school… Read More

front section of a school bus with heat exchanger exposed
New Jersey School Bus Crash Raises Safety Questions

School Bus Collision Prompts Safety Experts to Reconsider Seat Belts and Personal Injury Accident Prevention When parents send their kids… Read More

Woman reading to a child on an airplane
Airplanes Can Pose Child Injury Risks

Child Safety Advocates Ask Whether Child Seat Belts Should Be Mandatory on Airplanes When you are flying in or out… Read More

Silhouette of nursing home patient walking down a hallway
Philadelphia Nursing Homes Are Failing to Report Abuse and Negligence

Nursing Homes in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania are Underreporting Cases of Nursing Home Abuse and Negligence How reliable are Philadelphia nursing homes… Read More

brain icon made of brittle material with pieces broken off
Traumatic Brain Injuries May Lead to Dementia

New Study Links Brain Trauma and Alzheimer’s Disease We often think about short-term effects of traumatic brain injuries (TBIs), as well… Read More

pedestrians crossing on 3rd avenue in nyc
More Pedestrian Deaths from Vehicle Accidents, but Potentially More Solutions

Recent Study Says Pedestrian-Motor Vehicle Accident Deaths are Increasing, but Solutions May be Available According to a recent news release from the… Read More

child's hands shown reaching up on a table for pills
Accidental Poisonings in Children Are an Increasingly Common Personal Injury Accident

Child Injuries Caused by Accidental Poisonings are on the Rise When we think about child injury risks, many of us consider… Read More

Man shown injured through rear-view window
Hit-and-Run Pedestrian Vehicle Accidents are on the Rise

New AAA Study Says More Bicyclists and Pedestrians are Vulnerable to Hit-and-Run Collisions If you regularly ride your bike or… Read More

Bikers riding across a bridge in the bike lane
Safety Advocates Voice Concerns About Bicycle Accidents in the Bronx

Is the Vision Zero Initiative Paying Enough Attention to the Bronx in Preventing Personal Injury Accidents While Biking? If you… Read More

Driver catching up on rest in the backseat of a vehicle
Ridesharing Industry and Drowsy Driving

Researchers Say Auto Accident Injuries From Drowsy Driving Are a Serious Concern in the Ridesharing Industry If you live in… Read More

Doctor advising young woman
Less Than Half of All Youth Concussions Result from Contact Sports

New Study Suggests Only 40% of Child and Teen Concussions Happen While Playing Contact Sports Contact sports such as football… Read More

Medical professional in a white coat with a tie and stethoscope
New Report Addresses Diagnostic Errors Caused by Medical Misconduct and Suggests Prevention Methods

Diagnostic Errors are a Leading Cause of Medical Negligence Cases, but Diagnostic Accuracy can be Improved There are many different… Read More

two speeding cars passing one another
Study Says Lane-Departure Warnings Can Prevent Auto Accident Injuries

Recent IIHS Study Indicates Lane-Departure Warnings May Prevent More than 80,000 Collisions Do you have a lane-departure warning system in… Read More

Spike in Pedestrian and Motorcyclist Fatalities
Spike in Pedestrian and Motorcyclist Fatalities

New Jersey Sees Recent Rise in Deadly Pedestrian and Motorcycle Crashes According to a recent article in, pedestrian fatalities… Read More

How to Handle a Hit-and-Run Personal Injury Accident

Leaving the scene of a personal injury accident, or what’s more commonly called a ‘hit and run’, can be a… Read More

Is Everyone Susceptible to Injuries on Stairs?

Yes! People of All Ages Can Get Hurt in Stair Falls Most of us assume that a majority of slips… Read More

Seniors at Greater Risk of Severe Fall Injuries Due to Delayed Reaction Time

New Study Suggests Older Adults Take Longer to Realize They are Falling, Increasing Risk of Serious Injury  Most of us… Read More

Skateboarding Injuries in Philadelphia

Children and Adolescents Sustain Injuries Related to Skateboarding in Philadelphia Many children and teens in the Philadelphia area enjoy skateboarding… Read More

Personal Injury Risks at the Beach this Summer

New York and New Jersey Residents Should be Aware of Hazards at the Shore For many families in New York… Read More

Poll Says Parents Underestimate the Risk of Drowning

Drowning Can Result in Serious and Fatal Child Injuries  How likely is the possibility of a drowning accident in the… Read More

Amusement Park Injuries
Common Amusement Park Injuries

As the summer months approach, millions of Americans will visit some of the 400 amusement parks from California to Florida… Read More

Baseball Park Fan Injuries
MLB Teams Extend Protective Netting After Series of Spectator Injuries at Parks

Anyone involved in organized sports already knows the importance of remaining alert and keeping an eye on the ball during… Read More

Liability for NY Recreational Activity
Are Waivers of Liability Enforceable in New York?

We have probably all seen them in the “fine print” at one time or another: waivers of liability, injury waivers,… Read More

Concusion in children
Concussion Symptoms May Return in Children

New Study Suggests Return of Concussion Symptoms May Be Normal If your child sustains a mild concussion and returns to… Read More

Workplace Injury Form
When Can You Sue After a Workplace Injury?

Millions of people are injured in workplace accidents each year, and many victims experience serious and long-term effects as a… Read More

amusement park injury
Recent Amusement Park Accidents Highlight Need for Parents to Take Precautions

Amusement Park Injury Risks As summer approaches, many families will plan trips to amusement parks. However, in rare cases, recreational… Read More

Playground Concussion
Recent Study Suggests Playground Head Injuries Rising Among Children

Playground Concussions and Child Injuries When your child plays outside during school recess or visits the playground at a local… Read More

Child Burn Injury
Scald Burns Ranked as a Leading Cause of Serious Burn Injuries

Scalding and Childhood Burn Injuries When we think about burn injuries, many of us think about serious burn injuries that… Read More

Child Injury Winter Activities
Winter Activities and Child Injuries

Common Winter Activities Pose Risks to Children Children of all ages enjoy activities made possible by snow and cold temperatures…. Read More

Heathcare Worker Injury
OSHA Cites New Jersey Medical Center for Employee Injuries

Workplace Injuries at Medical Centers If you work at a hospital or other medical facility, are you at increased risk… Read More

Ballpark Injuries
Premises Liability Claims at the Ballpark

When you attend a baseball game with your family, are you at risk of sustaining a serious injury? If you… Read More

Elderly Spinal Injury
Study Shows Rise in Spinal Cord Injuries Among the Elderly

Spinal Cord Injuries in Older Adults In general, the incidence rate of spinal cord injuries (SCIs) has been pretty stable… Read More

Vicious Dog Bite Injury
Vicious Dog Bite Injury at Airbnb Property

Guest Suffers Severe Personal Injury from Animal Attack When you pay to rent an Airbnb property, do you need to… Read More

New Jersey Crane Accident
Dangerous New Jersey Crane Accident

Construction Accident Leaves Worker with Serious Injuries Early last month, a serious crane accident on the Garden State Parkway left… Read More

Spinal Cord Research
Stem Cell Trial Test on Patients with Chronic Spinal Cord Injury

New Spinal Cord Injury Research A recent report from CNN discussed a new stem cell trial test on patients suffering… Read More

Deadly Slip and Fall Injury
Falls from Heights and Slips, Trips and Falls Can Be Fatal

Preventing Deadly Fall Injuries When most of us hear about a deadly fall accident, we might think about employees who… Read More

Fatal Workplace Accident
Changes to Fatal Workplace Accident Reporting

New Regulations for Fatal Workplace Accidents When an employee suffers a fatal workplace injury, how must an employer respond?  The… Read More

Temp Worker Injuries
High Injury Rates among Temporary Employees

Are Temps More Likely to Suffer Serious Injuries at Work? Temporary employees tend to suffer more workplace injuries than do… Read More

Concussion Cases
New Law School Course to Discuss Concussion Cases

Legal Education and Concussion Injuries Concussions and the risks of sports-related traumatic brain injuries have been prominent in the news… Read More

NYC Slip and Fall Injury
Child Injured After Falling Down Elevator Shaft in SoHo NYC

New York City Slip and Fall Injury Last month, a 12-year-old girl sustained serious injuries in a Manhattan accident when… Read More

NJ Snowmobile Accident
New Jersey Resident Dies during Recreational Snowmobile Accident

New Jersey Fatality in Snowmobiling Accident Many Americans think of snowmobiling as an activity linked to the very cold temperatures… Read More

NJ Dog Bite
Potential New Dog Bite Legislation in New Jersey

Animal Attack Against Police Spark Talks of New Laws Police officers frequently enter property and homes with dogs. But are… Read More

NY State Trooper Training Accident
NY State Trooper Dies in Training Accident

The New York State Police reported that a state trooper died while engaged in a training exercise that took place… Read More

recycle truck workplace death
Workplace Fatality Rates: Is Your Workplace Safe?

Louis Camarillo, an 18-year-old recycling worker, died on the job in Brooklyn, NY after being struck by a rear-loader’s compaction… Read More

New York City High-Speed Ferry Injures Dozens of Passengers

During the morning rush hour on January 9th, a high-speed commuter ferry crash left 85 injured.  The vessel was traveling… Read More

Safety in the Air – Helicopter Crash Kills New Yorker

Whether on the ground, in a car or high above in the air in a helicopter, accidents can change the… Read More