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Workers compensation

Building with greenery and window reflecting a blue sky.
Construction Injury Risks and Green Building Projects

Eco-Friendly Buildings Come with New Injury Risks for Construction Workers Construction accidents can happen on almost any construction site, but… Read More

Cranes on construction site and Philadelphia skyline
Construction Safety Violations in Philadelphia

Recent Construction Accidents and Safety Violations Should Raise Concerns in Philadelphia Many new construction projects are underway in Philadelphia, yet… Read More

Aerial view of Port Newark in Bayonne, New Jersey.
Learning About the Most Dangerous Jobs in New Jersey

More Fatalities and Injuries at Work in New Jersey’s Most Dangerous Jobs When you go to work for the day… Read More

Hospital Never Events
What are “Never Events” and Can Victims Recover Compensation?

When people who are ill or injured seek medical attention, they have every right to trust that the care they… Read More

recycle truck workplace death
Workplace Fatality Rates: Is Your Workplace Safe?

Louis Camarillo, an 18-year-old recycling worker, died on the job in Brooklyn, NY after being struck by a rear-loader’s compaction… Read More

Holiday Workplace Accidents

During the holiday season, most of us do not think about house or workplace injuries while decorating our homes and… Read More

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