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Many terrific organizations, agencies, and non-profit groups exist to help those who have been injured by another or who have lost a loved one.  Please take a look at some of the resources listed below to get information on some of the many groups available to help those facing these issues.

In addition, the attorneys at The Rothenberg Law Firm can help direct you to individual resources which might provide necessary support.  We understand that seeking a fair and efficient legal resolution is just one crucial component to full recovery following an injury.  Our firm prides itself on its client-centered focus, and we are committed to working with clients every step of the way to help get through the process.

Product Safety

CPSC Home Pages

The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission is charged with protecting the public from unreasonable risks of serious injury or death from more than 15,000 types of consumer products under the agency’s jurisdiction. Deaths, injuries and property damage from consumer product incidents cost the nation more than $700 billion annually

FirstGov for Consumers

FirstGov is a “one-stop” link to a broad range of federal information resources available online. It is designed so that you can locate information by category — such as Food, Health, Product Safety, Your Money, and Transportation. Each category has subcategories to direct you to areas within individual federal web sites containing related information

Center for Auto Safety

Consumers Union and Ralph Nader founded the Center for Auto Safety (CAS) in 1970 to provide consumers a voice for auto safety and quality in Washington and to help lemon owners fight back across the country. CAS has a small budget but a big impact on the auto industry. With less than half of what General Motors spends on a single Super Bowl commercial, CAS has taken on the auto giants and won victories for consumers

Contact Congress

Corporate America and the Insurance Industry want to take away your rights, knowing they can make even higher profits by keeping honest, hardworking Americans out of the courtroom. FIGHT BACK by going to the People Over Profits Action Network and telling your Representatives to fight for regular Americans, not Big Business!

Personal Well-Being


Citizens For Health

Citizens for Health is a National grassroots advocacy organization committed to protecting and expanding your natural health choices. Natural health options are proven to enhance wellness and reduce healthcare costs by millions. In order for lawmakers to hear this perspective, natural health consumers must remain active, visible and become a permanent voice in national, state and local decisions impacting our health.

Mental Health Foundation

Growing older brings more risks of developing depression, which can be linked to Retirement Isolation or loneliness Bereavement.

Physical Heath & Injury

Dealing with Kidney Disease in Children

Chronic illness of any kind in children is very difficult for both parents and children. Children are supposed to be healthy and happy, to enjoy life and plan for the future. When a child is given a diagnosis of kidney disease, parents are quick to ask some of these questions.

Sudden, Accidental or Traumatic Death

Dealing with Sudden, Accidental or Traumatic Death

A sudden, accidental, unexpected or traumatic death shatters the world as we know it. It is often a loss that does not make sense. We realize that life is not always fair and that sometimes bad things happen to good people. The sudden death leaves us feeling shaken, unsure and vulnerable.

Traumatic Brain Injury Survivors
Memorials for Loved Ones and Friends with Brain Injuries
Adam Joshua Hackett 04/13/83 – 03/18/01 died 4 1/2 months after TBI
Brad Ashley (No Story) Died 08/25/91 Drinking & Driving Accident.

Head Injury Survivors
After Serious Head Injury, Survivors May Still Be Able To Learn Without Awareness, Via Different Brain Structures
New Research Gives Hope For Innovative Rehabilitation
WASHINGTON – Severe closed-head injury (CHI), like that caused in a car accident, can impair the ability for purposeful learning, for example in school or on the job. However

 Spinal Cord Injury

Every person is different in how they react to a spinal cord injury. People who have new spinal cord injuries often have feelings of grief, similar to the emotions that you would feel if a loved one passed away. Some common feelings that can be a part of grief are: 

Grief & Loss

The Child Bereavement Trust
Founder and President: Jenni Thomas
Maternity and Pediatric Bereavement Facilitator
Buckinghamshire Hospitals NHS Trust

Dealing with Injuries and Grief

Loss is a part of everyone’s life. It is not the event itself-the type of loss-that determines one’s response to it. Each person reacts to a loss in his or her own way. How we respond to a particular loss is influenced by a combination of factors: 

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