NYC Commuter Safety Infographic

NYC Commuter Safety Infographic

Content Summary for The NYC Commuter Safety Infographic

New York City’s mass transit network operates 24/7, 365 days per year and is administered by the Metropolitan Transit Authority (MTA).

The network comprises buses, commuter trains and the subway.

  • When waiting for a subway, stand behind the yellow line at the platform edge.
  • The gap between the edge of the platform and the train door is wider in some subway stations than others. Be mindful of this gap while boarding a train.
  • The train conductor should be located in the middle subway car. There is a black-and-white sign on the platform to indicate where that it.
  • Do not try to prevent subway doors from closing. Keep your hands and possessions clear from them as they close. A chime will sound indicating when doors are about to close.
  • Do not walk between subway cars.
  • Pay attention to signs posted in subway stations, as well as to announcements broadcasted over the subway’s public address system.
  • Buy MetroCards only from MetroCard kiosks in stations or approved vendors.

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