2017 Pedestrian Safety Infographic

2017 Pedestrian Safety Infographic

Content Summary for The 2017 Pedestrian Safety Infographic

PEDESTRIAN SAFETY – We can make a difference. The data: 5376 Pedestrians were killed in traffic accidents 70000 Pedestrians were injured in traffic accidents 21% of kids 14 or younger killed in car crashes were pedestrians 74%  of pedestrian fatalities occur during night-time hours 76% of pedestrian fatalities occur in urban settings Hit-and-run drivers caused 19% of pedestrian fatalities PRECAUTIONS YOU CAN TAKE IF YOU’RE A DRIVER Always be on the lookout for pedestrians Drive slowly and be ready to stop at a crosswalk area Always stop for pedestrians in a crosswalk Do not pass cars that have stopped to allow pedestrians to cross Pay extra attention to pedestrians when you make a turn Pay special attention to pedestrians in designated areas, such as schools, parks and residential areas PRECAUTIONS YOU CAN TAKE IF YOU’RE A PEDESTRIAN Do not walk in restricted zones (such as highways) Always use sidewalks and crosswalks when they’re available Wear light or reflective clothing at night Do not drink alcohol or take drugs – you might not be able to walk safely or pay attention to cars on the road if you are impaired Keep an eye out for oncoming traffic at all times Use your cellphone responsibly! Texting while walking can be very distracting and can lead to serious accidents Sources: hsrcunu.edu, nhtsa.dot.gov

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