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Since NHTSA was established in 1966, the following vehicle related products have been recalled due to not
meeting federal safety standards or due to safety-related defects:

Over 390 million vehicles
46 million tires
66 million pieces of motor vehicle equipment
42 million child safety seats

Most Common Defects:

Door latches – doors of vehicles can open during crash.
Sudden acceleration – possible any time after ignition is engaged.
Roof – inadequate roof pillar strength can cause roof crush.
Seat belts –

  • Inertial unlatching – latch becomes unlatched in collision.
  • Weak durability – material is not sufficient to hold wearer securely.
  • False latching – belt appears to be latched but pulls free with minimal pressure.

Air bags –

  • Random deployment in absence of an accident.
  • Failure to release in event of an accident.
  • Improper vented or filtered internal gas can cause chemical burns or inhalation injuries.
  • Over-aggressive combustion can cause metal objects to fly from airbags and cause serious injury or death.

Some other possible safety-related defects:

Steering column or components – can suddenly break.

Fuel system – crash damage may cause it to leak and start a fire.

Wheels – may crack and break.

Windshield wipers – inability to perform properly in bad weather.

Seats – break during normal use.

Wiring system – can break and cause a loss of lighting or a fire.

Car ramps/Jacks – can collapse during use and cause injury.

Child safety seats.

What to do when your vehicle is part of a recall:
If you are not sure of the risks involved in driving your car without having the defective part repaired or replaced, contact the manufacturer and/or dealership to learn about the risks.

● Follow the instructions for a product replacement or repair exactly as indicated on your recall notice.

● Avoid driving your vehicle if the recalled part makes your vehicle unsafe to drive.

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