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Bus Accident Infographic Statistics

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Bus Crashes In 2015:

295 deaths, 49 of which were bus occupants

24,000 people injured

62% of bus fatalities were from front-end impacts

2005 – 2015 Fatal Bus accidents:

41% were school buses

3% were transit buses

13% were intercity buses

2006 – 2015

1,313 people killed in school bus crashes

301 were school-age children:  33% were 5-7 years old, 34% were 8-13 years old

-In, 2015,

Common reasons for bus accidents:

  • Driver Fatigue
  • Driver Incompetence
  • Aggressive Driver
  • Poor Bus Maintenance

Safety tips:

  • Boarding the Bus
    • Avoid behaviors that can lead to distraction
    • Stand back and away from the curb
    • Stay at the bus stop and away from private property, alleys or the street itself
    • If you have a child, hold their hand as the bus approaches
    • Line up away from the road or street when a bus arrives
    • Do not chase a moving bus once it has left the bus stop
    • Approach the bus when it has come to a complete stop and the door is opened
    • When boarding, use the handrails
  • On the bus
    • Buckle up if seat belts are available
    • Do not distract the driver (i.e. loud music, loud talking, etc.)
    • If you have a seat, stay in it.
    • If you must stand, use handrails or approved safety devices
    • Do not put any body part (hands, arms, head, etc.) out the window
    • Keep aisles clear
    • Before reaching your stop, gather up all belongings
    • Only get up from your seat when the bus comes to a complete stop
  • Getting off the bus
    • When exiting, use the handrails
    • Only cross in front of a bus at a traffic stop and make sure the driver sees you
    • When crossing in front of a bus, keep a lookout for sudden changes in traffic
    • Do not get near the wheels of a bus at any time










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