Car Seat Infographic

Car Seat Infographic

Child Safety in the Car Content Summary

In 2010, more than 1200 children below the age of 14 died in car accidents. In that same year, approximately 171,000 children suffered injuries. Sitting in a car seat or booster reduces the chances of death for infants (below age 1) by 71%, for toddlers (ages 1-4) by 54%. Children (ages 4-8) have a 45% lower chance of serious injury if they are properly seated in a booster. According to one study, 72% of children were found to be sitting in boosters or car seats that were improperly fastened. Over the course of one year, as many as 618,000 children below the age of 12 ride in a car without using a seatbelt or booster seat. More than 66% of the children who were killed in car accidents were being driven by a drunk driver. Car Seat Guidelines: Birth – Age 2: Rear-facing car seat – until maximum height or weight is reached (check manual). Age 2 – Age 5: Forward-facing car seat –until maximum height or weight is reached (check manual). Age 5 – Age 9: Booster – until child is 57 inches tall. 57 Inches tall: Normal seatbelt use. _____________________________________________________________________________________

What Can YOU Do?

Car Seats and Boosters: What You Can Do

Check with a local agency that you have installed your car seat or booster properly. Monitor your child’s height and weight to ensure that the appropriate car seat or booster is being used. Get in the habit of checking the backseat before starting the ignition to check that all passengers are safely buckled.

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