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Dealing With Insurance Infographic - How to Deal with Insurance Companies After an Accident - Infographic

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Frequently Asked Questions

Question:  I was recently in an auto accident and I have heard a lot of different things but
wanted to know what I should do?  I got a call from the adjuster from the insurance company of
the person who caused my accident- should I speak to him?

Answer: No. Do not talk to an insurance adjuster before contacting a lawyer to protect your

Question: Why? Aren’t insurance adjusters there to help you?

Answer: No. Insurance adjusters are trained to try to influence you into saying something that
would limit your ability to collect money for your injuries. They will often record every word you
say to them and your words, especially after a traumatic time such as a car accident, may be
used against you at a future time.

Question: But I want to tell the insurance company all of the horrible things that went on, when
the accident and information is still fresh in my head.

Answer: First, you may not know the full extent of your injuries at the time of a recorded
statement. Second, remember that any recorded statement might be used against you in related litigation.

Question: Isn’t what I say to an insurance adjuster confidential?

Answer: Actually, it is absolutely not! Only what you say to an attorney is confidential and
therefore we suggest you contact a lawyer before speaking to anyone about your accident.

Question: What if I already made a recorded statement with an insurance adjuster right after the accident and there are some changes I want to include?

Answer: Once a recorded statement is made, it is difficult to correct or explain what you said
afterwards. Therefore, it is best to tell the adjuster that you want to talk to a lawyer before
discussing anything.

Question: What should I do if the adjuster tells me he or she will cover all of my medical
expenses for the accident and asks me to sign a release that I will not bring any further action?
He is telling me it’s in my benefit to get the claim processed quickly and I really need help
covering my medical expenses.

Answer: The adjuster is trying to have you sign away your right to collect compensatory
damages, such as for pain and suffering, loss of past or future earning, cost of future medical
care, etc. He may even over you a small sum above and beyond the medical expenses he offered to pay you. Remember that the adjuster will try to pay the least amount possible for your claim.

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