Scaffolding Accidents Infographic

Scaffolding Accidents Infographic

Scaffolding Infographic Final

Scaffolding Accidents Content Summary

Most construction is done high above the ground, where construction workers rely on ladders and scaffolds to complete the necessary tasks.Almost 65% of all construction workers, or 2.3 million people, perform tasks on scaffolds.When scaffolding is not secure, construction workers, window washers and painters could fall from dangerous heights and suffer from substantial injuriesScaffolding DangersOne out of every five of construction accidents involve scaffolding.OSHA has created standards to regulate the use of:
  • Base plates and mud sills
  • Scaffold ties
  • Side brackets
  • Guard railing
  • Toeboards
  • Work platform decking
  • Fastening pins
Most scaffoldings accidents could have been completely avoided with proper care in assuring that all of the OSHA standards are followed.The most common causes of scaffolding accidents are;
  • Defective equipment
  • Improper construction
  • Lack of safety features
  • Negligence in failing to provide proper supervision and/or maintenance

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