Street Crossing Safety Infographic

Springtime and Home Safety Infographic

Content Summary for Street Crossing Safety Infographic Do your kids know how to cross the road safely? Teach Your Children:  Stop, Look, Listen, Think Help plan your children’s routes. Choose the safest place to cross the road.
  • STOP before stepping onto the road – at least 1 step back from the curb.
  • LOOK in all directions for oncoming vehicles.
  • LISTEN in all directions for oncoming vehicles.
  • THINK about whether it is safe to cross. Is the road clear and safe?
Walk straight across the road. Keep LOOKING and LISTENING. Do not allow yourself to get distracted. WHERE IS IT SAFE TO CROSS? Always cross at pedestrian crossings or traffic signals. Make sure you can clearly see approaching traffic, and that approaching drivers can see you. CROSSINGS:
  • Always remain alert, even at pedestrian crossings.
  • Make sure all approaching vehicles have actually stopped before stepping onto the road.
  • If there is a school crossing guard on duty, always follow his or her instructions. Cross only when the crossing guard indicates that it is safe.
CROSSING THE ROAD AT OTHER PLACES DO NOT cross the road between parked cars or near trees and bushes – drivers may not see you. DO NOT cross near a bend or at the top of hill on the road. Make sure you can see vehicles coming from both directions – and that they can see you. Don’t jay-walk or take short cuts. Walk straight across the road. Stay visible People are often hit by vehicles because the driver does not notice them. Make sure you can be seen.  If you can’t see the driver they probably can’t see you. At night or on dark days, always:
  • Wear light,  bright or reflective clothing;
  • Cross the road where there are street lights; and
  • Try walking with a companion.

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