Catastrophic Injury

Catastrophic injury refers to an injury that is both permanent and devastating. Catastrophic injuries result from many things, including:

The physical damage resulting from catastrophic injury can include head Male suffering from Catastrophic injuryor brain trauma, spinal cord damage, loss of mobility, loss of limb, and loss of sight or hearing. These types of injuries have a profound effect on the victim and his or her family. Sometimes, the injury will not become apparent for a few months, or even years, and the pain will only be felt years later. Victims who become permanently disabled as a result of a catastrophic injury may face a shortened life span and a life of pain and suffering. Staggering medical and long term health costs can also be associated with catastrophic injury. Enlisting the services of a catastrophic injury lawyer is the best way to pursue compensation for economic and non-economic damages such as these.

Obtaining Compensation from Catastrophic Injury Lawyer

If you or someone you know has sustained a catastrophic injury, please call The Rothenberg Law Firm LLP immediately at 1-800-624-8888 or submit an free online case evaluation. You could qualify to bring legal action for monetary damages, medical costs, or other benefits.

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